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Below are some examples of our latest products.
Susan G. Komen Corporate Box. This box was given to the Susan G. Komen when they visited Rochester, NY.
Soccer Ball sugar cookies given to members of the Webster Soccer Association.
Fresh Beat Band sugar cookies for a 4 year old's themed birthday party. A dozen cookies were ordered, each band member appearing three times in the order.
'What You Do Matters!' sugar cookies. Ordered for the volunteers at the Bethany Presbyterian Church in Rochester, NY.
Sugar cookies adorning the Covergirl and Model Women's Campain logo. This annual event sponsors girls to seek out their own entrepreneurship ventures.
Sheet of Sugar cookies in christmas shapes for a Christmas party.

Elite Sweets famous sugar cookie recipe is made spectacular with the decorations of ornaments and snowflakes at Christmas time. All were hand decorated.
Cookies for the annual NYSCATE conference in 2010 Rochester, NY.

Elite Sweets famous sugar cookie recipe. Circular cookies wiht royal icing, decorated with a rice paper imprint of the conference logo and blue sugar.
Breast Cancer ribbon cookies. 200 cookies were donated for a gala in honor of a Breast Cancer patient. 

Elite Sweets famous sugar cookie recipe. In the shape of a cancer awareness ribbon. Decorated with pink royal icing.
Cupcake for a 40th Birthday Party of a Sabres Fan. 

Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. Decorated with yellow frosting. Each is garnished with a blue chocolate '40' to signify his birthday.
Cupcake creation for Aquinas Varsity Girl's Soccer team party.

Half chocolate, half vanilla cupcakes. Decorated with vanilla frosting. Shamrock is green vanilla frosting. Shamrock topped with green sugar. 2010 written in bottom corner.
Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes in Elite Sweets Signature brown and pink frosting. Topped with pastel colored sprinkles.
Basket raffled of at Breast Cancer Gala in honor of Laura Frazier. 

Basket filled with a dozen snowflake Elite Sweets famous sugar cookies. Decorated with purple, blue, pink, green and white royal icing with edible pearls. Each snowflake is different.
Cookie Centerpiece for Thanksgiving Day.

Cornicopia filled with Elite Sweets famous sugar cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, and choclate covered oreos. Oreos and pretzels dipped in milk chocolate and decorated with leaf sprinkles. Cookies decorated as pumpkins, acorns, and turkey.
Gifts for Mothers Day.

Baskets filled with Elite Sweets famous sugar cookies. Cookies shaped like flowers and butterflies to represent a garden and spring.  Decorated with several colors of royal icing and edible pearls. Some placed on sticks to give appearance of flowers.
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